The Legion Project 8: To Destroy a World!

In this episode, the lost Legionnaires choose “To Destroy a World!” It’s a detailed look at Legion of Super-Heroes #8 as well as DC Comics Presents #80 featuring Superman and the LSH! (1:46:09)

(00:42) Preamble and a Legion/Injustice news item
(11:48) Legion of Super-Heroes issue #8 synopsis and initial reactions
(18:27) Continuing subplots, the art team, and the covers
(36:17) LSH #8 main discussion
(1:26:09) Brief thoughts on DC Comics Presents #80 featuring Superman and the LSH
(1:37:28) Who is our core set of Legionnaires?, Wrap up and Outro.

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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