The Legion Project 7: A Choice of Dooms

In this episode, the “lost” Legionnaires are faced with “A Choice of Dooms” as we dive into Controller continuity, a confrontation between Lightning Lass and Timber Wolf, and more! (1:58:00)

(00:43) Preamble, listener feedback, and Jeff Lemire’s upcoming Quantum Age
(15:05) Legion of Super-Heroes issue #7 synopsis and initial reactions
(22:04) Comparing covers, commenting on guest inker Mike DeCarlo and the Steve Lightle art
(38:32) LSH #7 main discussion
(56:44) Publishing history of the Controllers and discussing the subplots
(1:45:39) Brief thoughts on Tales of the LSH #320
(1:54:30) Wrap up and Outro

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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