The Legion Project 41: …Shall Ne’er Burn So Bright

Starfinger takes on the Legion with devastating effects in “…Shall Ne’er Burn So Bright” from Legion of Super-Heroes issue 41. (2:26:30)


(00:45) Preamble
(03:10) Legion of Super-Heroes 41 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion
(18:34) Main discussion
(1:07:24) A quick look at “The Substitutes” episode of the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon series featuring Starfinger
(1:15:31) Announcing our participation in JLMay 2023!
(1:21:09) Who’s Who Update ’87 #5 entries: Starfinger, Superboy, and Zymyr
(1:44:05) Legion related DCU appearances: Adventures of Superman 435, Millennium 1, and Amethyst 2
(2:25:09) Wrap up and outro



INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic




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