The Legion Project 37: A Twist in Time

Superman vs Superboy! The four part revamping of the Legion’s origin begins in this episode! Whose history will win? Find out as we discuss the first two chapters in Legion of Super-Heroes 37 and Superman 8. (3:06:47)


(00:46) Preamble
(06:09) Part 1: Legion of Super-Heroes 37 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion
(32:07) Main discussion
(1:46:42) Who’s Who Update ’87 #1 entries: Atmos, Black Mace, and Caress
(2:01:44) Part 2: Superman vol.2 #8 synopsis, cover discussion, and general thoughts
(2:23:54) Main discussion
(3:02:12) Wrap up and outro




INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic



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