The Legion Project 32: Forgotten Heroes

Four Legionnaires are trapped on a world controlled by Universo and they don’t even know who they are! The Universo Project begins with “Forgotten Heroes” in Legion of Super-Heroes issue 32! (2:40:22)


(00:44) Preamble, more Anniversary talk, and Legion comic book news
(18:30) Legion of Super-Heroes 32 synopsis and cover discussion
(31:02) General thoughts, art comments, and main discussion
(2:02:12) Who’s Who 25 entries: Validus, the Wanderers, White Witch, and Wildfire.
(2:26:52) Legion related thoughts in Booster Gold 14
(2:34:18) Feedback, wrap-up, and outro


Xum Yukinori art and podcasts

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic



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