The Legion Project 25: Revelation


In this episode we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #25: “Revelation”. While the Legion searches for Sensor Girl, a new Fatal Five attack the team! If that’s not enough, Sensor Girl’s identity is finally and shockingly revealed! Plus, Who’s Who entries and more! (2:43:02)


(00:44) Preamble
(09:11) Legion of Super-Heroes #25 synopsis, cover discussion, & general thoughts
(38:19) Main discussion on the new Fatal Five, Legion subplots, Mentalla & more
(1:41:51) More thoughts on the Sensor Girl revelation and behind the scenes info
(2:03:36) Who’s Who 18 entries on Phantom Girl, Polar Boy, Proty, Pulsar Stargrave, the Phantom Zone & Professor Ivo;
also, a quick look at Booster Gold 7
(2:41:19) Wrap up and outro


INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic



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