The Legion Project 23: Back Home in Hell!

Mon-El has found himself “Back Home in Hell!” in Legion of Super-Heroes 23! Also, Steve Lightle returns, Who’s Who entries and more. (2:17:17)

(00:44) Preamble, Legion of Super-Heroes Animated DVDs announced, & more.
(14:21) Legion of Super-Heroes #23 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion.
(27:04) Main discussion on Mon-El, Tellus, the Phantom Zone, post-Crisis time travel, the return of Steve Lightle and more.
(1:54:23) Letter column reactions and behind the scenes information on the issue
(2:02:13) Legion appearances throughout the DCU: Who’s Who #16 entries on Mon-El, Mordru, Nemesis Kid & Night Girl; and Booster Gold #5.
(2:14:46) Wrap up and outro

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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