The Legion Project 16: Baptism

Brainiac 5 is beside himself over the death of his beloved Supergirl as we discuss “Baptism” from Legion of Super-Heroes #16. Plus, Who’s Who entries and current Legion news! (2:33:21)

(00:41) Preamble and updates
(07:37) Legion of Super-Heroes #16 synopsis, general thoughts and cover comparisons
(23:46) Talking about Bob Smith inks over Steve Lightle’s “final” regular pencils and more general thoughts
(35:17) Main discussion, a look at the Legion appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8, and how the future (and Brainiac 5) handles the death of Supergirl
(1:14:17) Rounding out the other storylines in the issue including more questions (and behind the scenes info) about Who is Sensor Girl?
(1:47:00) Who’s Who issue #9 Legion entries: Grimbor, as well as a little on Guardians of the Universe and Gemworld
(1:57:00) Discussing and speculating on the current news of a Legion of Super-Heroes revival!
(2:30:47) Wrap up and outro


Greg LaRocque’s cover recreation to LSH #16

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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