The Legion Project 14: Unto the New Generation

In this episode, we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #14, “Unto the New Generation”, where the Legion finally gets some new blood! Plus, Who’s Who entries and more! (2:47:51)

(00:42) Preamble, updates and Feedback

(17:34) Legion of Super-Heroes #14 synopsis, general thoughts, & the end of the Levitz/Lightle collaboration
(37:08) Baxter vs the Tales cover comparison
(46:30) LSH #14 main discussion
(2:06:30) More background info on the new Legionnaires and quick thoughts on the Tales of the LSH #339 reprint
(2:16:30) Who’s Who issue #7 Legion entries: Doctor Regulus, Dream Girl, Duo Damsel, Duplicate Boy, Elastic Lad, Element Lad, & Emerald Empress
(2:37:00) Quick thoughts on the upcoming Justice League vs. Fatal Five animated movie
(2:45:43) Wrap up and Outro


Legion of Super-Bloggers interview with Lightle:

LSH 14 original cover art:

Original Tellus designs:



Super-Blog Team-Up:

“Lost City” by RhoMusic

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