The Legion Project 13: …You’ll Love the Lythyls!

In this episode, we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #13, “If You Think Khunds Are Cuddly, You’ll Love The Lythyls!” wherein Timber Wolf fulfills Karate Kid’s final wish. Plus, Who’s Who entries and a contest announcement! (1:59:32)

(00:43) Preamble, details on our first contest, & Legion comic news
(19:55) Legion of Super-Heroes #13 synopsis, general thoughts, & comparing covers
(33:25) LSH #13 main discussion
(1:02:25) On Steve Lightle’s character & costume designs, Easter eggs, and the Legionnaires get frisky
(1:33:40) Who’s Who issue #6 Legion entries: Dark Circle, Darkseid, Dawnstar, Despero
(1:57:09) Wrap up and Outro

“Lost City” by RhoMusic


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