The Legion Project 11: Taking Care of Business

In this episode, we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #11, “Taking Care of Business”. The Legion Founders come full circle with their past and contemplate their future, and Bouncing Boy has a, like, c-speed adventure with Comet Queen! (1:56:56)

(00:44) Preamble and our first listener art sent in by Charlton Hero
(12:27) Legion of Super-Heroes issue #11 synopsis, general thoughts, comparing covers, and the art of Ernie Colón
(30:35) LSH #11 main discussion on “Old Business”
(1:17:02) “New Business” back up tale discussion featuring Bouncing Boy and Comet Queen
(1:29:18) Quick thoughts on the Shvaughn Erin appearance in Action Comics #568
(1:40:26) Who’s Who issue 4 Legion entries: Chameleon Boy, Chemical King, and Chlorophyll Kid
(1:54:49) Wrap up and Outro

“Lost City” by RhoMusic


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