The Legion Project 1: Eye for an Eye pt.1

Beginning! A new ongoing podcast featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes! Join Eric of Longbox Review and Peter of The Daily Rios as they discuss, issue by issue, the classic Legion of Super-Heroes series, affectionately known as the “Baxter run”, which began in 1984. Introductions, secret origins, general thoughts, and then a detailed look at the first issue of a five-part battle against the Legion of Super-Villains! (1:58:59)

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(00:08) Preambles and Secret Origins
(05:54) What the Legion Project Podcast is about
(10:59) Other podcasts spotlighting the Legion of Super-Heroes
(18:59) Legion of Super-Heroes issue 1 synopsis and general thoughts
(29:49) about the cover
(37:52) issue 1 in-depth discussion begins
(1:38:35) letter columns, reader reactions and final thoughts
(1:50:05) speculating on a Jonathan Hickman written Legion title
(1:52:39) wrap-up and outro


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LSH baxter run DC house ad from Back Issue! 68


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