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04:16 LUCY


  • Wow – how much did this opening cost? And how long is this mountain?
  • This feels like an opening of some ‘80s action adventure show
  • Introducing Lucy when we barely know Lois. Interesting choice 

Act One 

  • Writers Neil Sadhu & Daniel Sulzberg / director David Barrett
  • Hey! It’s Krypto/Shelby!
  • Peyton List!
  • that look Pa gives Clark after the barn joke
  • Lucy is giving Dawn from Buffy vibes 
  • Lois’ apartment ransacked – for the second or third time, I think? The stone is missing 
  • Jason blaming Clark. Mhm. Of course he would. Jason did this I bet. To frame Clark
  • Haha. Clark and Lucy crushing
  • Good Clark and Lois scene about her early family life. If having Lucy means we and Clark learn more about the real Lois, that’s a good trade off 
  • Lois at the Talon. How long will that last?
  • Lucy now charming Lex
  • Come on, Clark. This is Smallville. Just go after that guy. You know he’s gonna be bad news 

Act Two

  • Jason going after Lionel for the stone / is Lionel suggesting his mother took it?
  • Jason seems to be losing it / uh oh Lana witnessed this. Why did she follow?
  • Lucy needs money for a loan shark / gets busted by Clark 
  • Is she giving Clark a sob story?

Act Three 

  • Marcus Becker. Chloe doing her future Watchtower info specialist skills here
  • Lois keeps calling her dad “the General” 
  • Now Lex is involved – and of course he already knows the people behind it 
  • Oh wait. Lucy is part of this isn’t she? She gave herself away when she said she needs to go alone 
  • What the heck is this operation in the storage unit?
  • Clark. Why weren’t you following them to begin with 

Act Four 

  • yup. Lucy is part of this 
  • Clark figured it out 
  • Clark vanishing #827. And yet still no one follows up on how he does it 
  • Why didn’t Clark use his X-ray vision 
  • Super jump!! Look at Welling doing some stunts here 
  • Lex brandishing a gun. Kind of a rare sight 
  • Haha. How did they just let Lucy go like that?? In Lex’s car no less

Act Five 

  • Lex’s deal in Germany can now go thru with Becker out of the way
  • “Do you ever miss having a sibling?” “I used to until I met you Clark.” They haven’t played up this relationship in awhile
  • “Keeping secrets always leads to trouble… You can’t save everyone. But it doesn’t stop you from trying does it Clark?” Ha. Clark’s face
  • almost thought we would get through an ep without some on the nose dialogue about Chloe knowing Clark’s secret 
  • Lionel thinks Lex took the stone but Lex had no idea Jason got it in the first place 
  • Oh damn plot twist. It was Lana! What’s her plan here? / wait – they never followed up between Lana and Jason after he roughed up Lionel. Weird. 
  • “I am the weakest link” – game show reference?
  • “Oh we’re friends now?” Look at Clark and Lois getting closer. It’s about time – they haven’t really done anything like this between the two of them for awhile. 
  • What the heck is this space ending???? Does this play out later?
  • A watchable episode that I thought would be skippable. I’ll buy Lucy’s introduction since they used it to soften up Lois a bit and it showed Lois that Clark is more insightful than she gives him credit for in terms of his understanding. It’s well produced, the dialogue flows well enough. By the end, I was charmed.
  • Rating: 4


Next episode: Onyx!


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