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  • another teen party opens the prologue. Smallville partying hard senior year
  • Oh it’s Lois
  • “the recruit’s coming” – oh duh, that’s Clark
  • I like when you can tell it’s raining during a scene but the actors are dry. Vancouver weather isn’t tv making friendly
  • Lois arrested! Can’t be a Smallville character without it
  • The first fully Lois specific episode 

Act One 

  • Writers Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer – they have a decent track record of good episodes, including this season’s Transference / Jeannot Szwarc director
  • Clark going to Met U so the school can hopefully be his school of choice
  • Pa Kent bringing up Clark’s advantage on the field one last time but it also comes across as nerves for his own son. Having a life that Pa never had?
  • This guy feels like he’s a Whitney stand in / Chris Carmack – would feature in a number of TV shows later. All shows I never watched.
  • Why is Lois back in Smallville if she was arrested in Metropolis but also is going back there with Chloe? Huh?
  • “You have an unfair advantage” and “truly amazing talents” – Chloe now pushing what she knows about Clark in hopes that he’ll say something? Even though Lois told her to wait until he comes to her. Because she’s the worst of course 
  • Lex and Jason. We had this conversation last episode 
  • Apparently Lex has a lot of info on Genevieve’s trips around the world looking for info on the Countess
  • The discovery of Coop’s girlfriend was a sloppy edit

Act Two

  • The TD Bank in the background – clearly this is Canada 
  • Is that the X mansion?
  • This is a college recruitment of someone’s dream 
  • That girl looks familiar – Amanda Crew. Also has a lot of credits later, of things I never watched.
  • Haha Lois in the closet snooping, of course.
  • The fake, added in sorority giggles – hilarious 
  • So Coop’s accident was because he was going to snitch?
  • Of course it’s Geoff 
  • His power. The pulsing veins. That was gross 

Act Three 

  • Geoff not happy with Lois – Clark feels like he senses something 
  • Lana not happy with Jason working with Lex / along with the Kents, her storyline is one-note this season 
  • Lana Vs Lex 
  • Yea, let’s drink beer bro
  • A new visual for Clark’s super hearing. And Clark sees Geoff use his powers 
  • Ohhhh this character’s name is Geoff Johns 
  • Lois again skeptical about people with powers 
  • How did Chloe track down the pee peddler with no info from Clark 
  • Haha “peewee”
  • Geoff zaps Lois – how did he open the car door if he was dragging Lois?
  • So now the show has to come up with ways to involve Chloe so she can get Clark to use his abilities 

Act Four 

  • “break in and rip open the safe?” – ugh hope this kind of dialogue doesn’t continue episode to episode 
  • Drowning isn’t quick 
  • Clark momentarily sympathizing with Geoff’s need to use his powers
  • Damn Clark act faster she’s drowning!

Act Five 

  • “Geoff Johns seemed like a nice kid” – haha
  • Clark changes his mind about playing football with powers 
  • Ma: “I know how difficult it is to give up something you love” – oh wow. What is she referencing here? With what Pa said earlier, it’s like both Kents gave up what they wanted to be farmers. But if they hadn’t done that, they wouldn’t be Superman’s adopted family.
  • Part of the hope of going to Met U was for a full ride – because otherwise the Kents would have to pay
  • Lex tells Lana about how the Teagues have known about the Countess since before they met her 
  • Lois is kicked out of Met U. Haha she totally worked her way into staying at the farm 
  • Clark tells Chloe he’s not playing football anymore / Clark is noticing she’s saying weird things lately 
  • “I just have a feeling that you’re destined to do a lot more in this world than just score touchdowns” – that’s a nod to movie Pa Kent 
  • Cool stadium shot. The on location stadium shots were all nice to give the episode a more open feel
  • “I just wanna scream, How could this happen to me”. Untitled by Simple Plan. Smallville continuing to use music as subtext. Not as memorable a song as others in the past, but it sums up Clark’s feelings for this season’s football plot nicely. 
  • The episode was well shot in terms of what it looks like and capturing the actors nicely without annoying edits. Letting scenes just play. But it’s not overly interesting in terms of action/story. A mundane way to wrap up Clark’s football plot – with most of the important Smallville stuff happening just in Act Five. But at least the dialogue felt grounded – except for the frat/college stuff 
  • And any ep with Clark and Lois learning about each other at least is fun 
  • Recruit is both Clark and Lex recruiting Jason to work for him
  • Rating: 3.50


Next episode: Krypto!


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