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04:12 PARIAH


  • ooo a “Previously on Smallville” segment. Can’t remember if the original run of the show utilized this
  • haha Lois – hot mic comment
  • why would the guys just let Lana and Alicia talk knowing their past. Dumb
  • Psycho
  • it’s the guy from the bar right?
  • Lana’s still 17 and they are showing her in silhouette in the shower
  • Lana attack victim #17364
  • setting it up from the prologue that we see the sand? so the audience knows it’s not Alicia that attacked Lana. I can probably already see where this episode is going. And if it’s a crime of passion against Lana, is this a Souders/Peterson idea?

Act One

  • writer Holly Harold. Not a strong track record so far but she did write Obsession, the ep that first featured Alicia / director Paul Shapiro
  • How does Lois know about the Alicia affair?
  • Sheriff Adams is back!
  • everyone is overly hard on Clark about Alicia. I guess I understand but it just feels too obvious to push the division
  • Lois being skeptical about KMOTW – she was turned into a witch!
  • “What would they have against Lana?” Like any of the other ones needed a reason? Come on Chloe
  • see? It’s Tim
  • Is the op ed a clue? / oh he totally throws Alicia under the bus
  • Uh oh – she’s not wearing the bracelet. Oooops. She didn’t tell Clark
  • And now Jason is attacked – is that Alicia’s scarf?
  • More sand disappearing / Quicksand from the Legion universe? 

Act Two

  • Genevieve! Jason trying to interrogate her
  • “Why my son should be blaming me for meeting you should be something you should ask yourself.” Oh she’s cold. That’s Lionel level of manipulation
  • Clark trying to make a bracelet for Alicia
  • Alicia trying to get Clark to admit he has powers too

Act Three

  • The Sheriff was with Alicia at the time that Jason was attacked.
  • What’s with the big ass brooches and accessories in this episode? 
  • Oh damn. Alicia wants to out Clark to Chloe
  • Ohhh so this is how Chloe learns Clark’s truth. I forgot that Alicia was involved. She sees him catch a car in mid jump and speed away. All things that Alicia said Chloe should’ve seen by now
  • This is why the topic was brought up a few times in previous episodes. With the Kents: That there is someone out there for Clark who will understand him / With Chloe: That if he has a secret, he’ll tell it to his closest friends
  • So Alicia is definitely not well – no matter what last episode tried to show

Act Four

  • Ohhhh this guy is his father, isn’t it? The meteor shower probably swapped their minds or something
  • Lois talks about losing her mother at a very young age 
  • Wait – Lois said Jason and Lana are both over 18? That can’t be true with Lana
  • And there it is. Tim is the sand cloud
  • So do we get Chloe knowing Clark’s secret and not telling him for a few episodes? I forget
  • Genevieve and Lex – she remembers him but he doesn’t remember her. Has he met her before in this series? 
  • She wants to talk about Lana and Jason. This is so soap opera
  • She has information about Lionel’s prison release – but isn’t it because of her?
  • Oh damn. Alicia hung. / Clark’s No! Scream similar to the original movie with Superman finds Lois buried in the gravel
  • Lois arrives – she knows who might have done this. Yikes Lois, you don’t know what Clark is about to do
  • Odd scene jump to Clark ambushing Tim
  • Welling is playing this like he’s got K poisoning but I don’t see Tim having a hint of that
  • Oh damn, Clark is gonna kill him. First he tried to grab or crush his face. And then he chokes Tim.
  • Lois stops him – her being there at one of his lowest points is important in their development. Seeing him this way, helping him to stop. 

Act Five

  • And now Jason is saying Lana is 18. Hmmmm… I dunno. I think they are doing this to save face or to say it was okay to show her in the shower earlier. Chloe did turn 18 in Spell – and it says Lana was 3 during the meteor shower in 1989. This ep is in 2005 so I guess the math is okay. But she wasn’t always 18 when they met
  • Lex wants to team up with Jason against his own mother. What’s the angle here?
  • Clark can’t forgive himself for being partially responsible for Alicia / I dunno. The Kents weren’t too nice about all this either. 
  • Chloe and the wall of weird. Good shot here. 
  • Lois gives Chloe the advice that, as long as knowing someone’s secret doesn’t hurt anyone, maybe don’t tell them that she knows. Maybe they’ll tell her. Interesting – it’s because of Lois that Chloe decides to keep Clark’s secret. 
  • Chloe and Clark at Alicia’s grave. Chloe talking about Alicia, but talking about Clark. And telling Clark she’s there for him. 
  • He has an odd look on his face. He’s really hurt by all this. But will the series keep showing that over the next few episodes? Of all of Clark’s love interests (that aren’t Lana) this is the strongest one. We’ll see. 
  • Especially since – Chloe discovers his secret because of Alicia. She wanted to out him – to have Chloe write about him. How will Clark take that revelation?
  • This is okay. I think Alicia’s action this episode compared to last episode, the overly soap opera nature of Genevieve and Lana and Jason, the way everyone is complicit in Alicia’s death, the notion that people are familiar with powered people and yet Clark is still holding on to his secret (granted, the alien part probably weighs on him the most now) – it’s a decent episode, worth watching. But isn’t a great episode. 
  • We never really find out Tim’s deal – why would he be longing for the way Smallville was if he wasn’t the father? That was a weird wrap-up.
  • Rating: 3.50


Next episode: Recruit!


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