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04:09 BOUND


  • Lex both in and not really in his element. For some reason, his baldness – the thing that makes him “other” – stands out in this crowd
  • Wait – is that Maria Hill? Cobie Smulders just under a year before How I Met Your Mother
  • I don’t remember this ep at all
  • The episode stream glitched – almost thought it was part of the story. That she was doing something to his mind
  • Oop… she dead. 

Act One

  • Writer Luke Schelhaas / Director Terrence O’Hara – who has a good handful of high marks for episodes he’s worked on so far
  • Corrine Harper, the Barracuda / Shannon
  • Lex references that he’s been drugged before. Always good when the show remembers itself
  • If you want a hug call your mother – ouch
  • Clark comes to visit / a small moment where Clark is surprised that Lex slept with someone without knowing her name
  • Lex thinks this is Lionel’s doing
  • Oh no – now what with Lana??? More witch stuff? We aren’t done with this? 
  • Oh. Now with more Jane Seymour. 
  • Clark and Lionel – followup to Transference. Clark won’t shake his hand because of that
  • “I felt as if a different kind of energy had been inside me. Something strong and good. I was changed.” / Clark knows why and questions Lionel to see what he remembers, if anything
  • Lionel wants to help Lex because he recognizes the darkness in his son, just as it was in Lionel before the change. Like the time he was blind, is this real or is Lex bluffing once again
  • Patterns. The car, the brown hair. They all remind Lex of his mother. Gross. / Lionel knowing something we don’t know just yet

Act Two

  • Lana has a visitor. Of course, it’s Jane Seymour again. She’s Jason’s mother. More clues building up that Jason is more than he seems. 
  • So apparently there was a falling out between mother and son. Which I think has been slightly referenced but not to the level this conversation seems to be making it. But it has been there so I guess that’s okay
  • Mrs Teague thinks Lana recognizes her – from the dream she just had, but again, the Teagues know more than they let on
  • Continuing this subplot, in an almost soap opera way of the mother coming out of nowhere, feels very on brand for Souders and Peterson if they are behind this as story producers
  • Chloe asks Clark if he’s behind on his community service hours. Can’t remember if this connects back to another ep
  • Chloe showing off her computer skills – which is a change from previous depictions
  • Turns out Lex has a string of one night stands, even though he told Clark this was a one off thing
  • Eve Andrews / Clark shows up at her house and Lex is there. In Metropolis. And Lex doesn’t investigate how Clark is there with no car?

Act Three

  • How did Lex and Clark escape from the cops? 
  • Eve has been stalking Lex, but he didn’t know what she looked like
  • “You have to decide who you really trust” – good line
  • Chloe and Clark figure out that the girl Lex hooked up with may not be the one that was killed. Because of a missing earring. / why wouldn’t they just think maybe they put the earring back on her?
  • Corrine saying that Lex had already hooked up with this girl before and he doesn’t remember it. Corrine was one of his conquests as well. Wait – are Corrine and Shannon in on this? 
  • Ah okay – and now Lex is coming to that conclusion as well
  • Okay I was just thinking this episode was fine, even though passion/romance eps on Smallville tend to be cringe, and then we get Chloe reenacting the elevator encounter with Clark. Ugh. Dumb. More forced feelings between the two. 
  • The earring gets Lionel to figure out that the woman in the elevator was also a former lover of Lex’s. Because it’s what Lionel used to do to get rid of his lovers
  • Corrine dead / her assistant! Cobie! Of course. Funny how we saw her earlier on but the camera didn’t quite focus on her. 

Act Four

  • See. This is why episodes like this don’t work. Because it’s all based on character relationships that have to be created for the story to work. But will barely be referenced later. The characters and the situations. It’s empty world-building
  • Lana and Jason. About his mother. And how she was in her dream. 
  • How does Chloe not ask Clark where he got the earring from? / and he vanishes. / I did get the feeling that Chloe maybe knows something about Clark when she figured the earring fell down the elevator shaft. Almost like she was expecting Clark to be able to get it. I forget when she eventually learns about Clark
  • Interesting way to put out the fire. Almost a move that the Flash would do. Would be great if this move echoed back to the Bart Allen episode

Act Five

  • Clark and the Kents. Even though they weren’t part of this story. I hope this isn’t a pattern. That they only come in at the end for some kind of “moral” lesson to the main plot / he tells the Kents about Lionel and that it may have to do with the Transference. That’s he’s changed
  • “I want to be your father, Lex.” Lionel trying to get back into Lex’s life. / hm. Interesting ending to this scene. Lex walks away but stops. As if he’s always used to Lionel getting the last word. But Lionel says nothing. Which surprises Lex. No music either
  • Now Clark and Lex. “I want you to change.” “I don’t know if I can.” / keeping up the strained connection between these two. This season is definitely different between these two. I wonder if we come back from this? 
  • “I feel like we were enemies” “Don’t give up on me yet”. Double meaning here. As if Lex is agreeing that yes, someday they will be enemies.
  • And now Jason and his mother. Just pushing all kinds of story points to the next step
  • “Did I meet her by accident or not.” Hmmm… deeper story here for sure.
  • Ehn. The A plot didn’t do anything for me. But the other plots eventually got interesting. But not enough to make this a strong episode for me. Watchable. Important for Mrs Teague. But not engaging.
  • Rating: flat 3


Next episode: Scare!


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