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04.08 SPELL


  • The year 1604 in France / for reference: the Smallville caves go back 500 years to the 1500s
  • Kristin Kreuk again playing a character in the past that may or may not have family connections to Lana
  • Isobel has a quest – what is it? / She’s also looking for the three Stones of Power
  • Present day, Lana has acquired a book that has cave symbols and an S shield on it – same as the one at Isobel’s burning
  • Lana and her backless shirts this season

Act One

  • Steven S. DeKnight (surprising) / director Jeannot Szwarc / thought for sure this would be a Peterson and Souders ep – altho they are producers at this point, so this could be their story idea.
  • Lois is back! Throwing an 18th birthday party for Chloe in Clark’s barn – the show starting to age up the characters for their senior year
  • Clark is getting a visit from another scout
  • Lana/Isobel crafting a spell / hair of two virgins. Pulls it from herself. Telling the viewers that her and Jason aren’t as hot and heavy as the show has been trying to suggest. But also addresses the question of their age possibly being a deciding factor
  • Oooop. Lois not a virgin.
  • Clark terrible at wrapping of course / all that blue and red ribbon
  • Clark surprised to see Lana after their last discussion about Jason getting fired / you could almost suggest that her magic could be affecting him
  • Haha – this is so Silver Age. Trying to cut his hair and the scissors break / wait – she can’t cut it but he can pull it out? 
  • Yup. Virgin Clark / I guess the hair could be used for the spell since he’s “allergic” to magic

Act Two

  • Of course Lex can play the piano / she comes to him for wine
  • Uh oh – she sees the map and steals it / is that a page from her same book? Did she create the map?
  • Kristin is trying to play possessed, but it’s not quite landing for me
  • Another instance where Lex is subjected to something strange that should be making his alarms go off in his head
  • Madelyn and Brianna zapped into Chloe and Lois / oh no, now they all have to “play” possessed. 
  • Ha! Brianna/Lois examining her body – that was funny
  • I wish this was directed better. This is feeling way too Hocus Pocus

Act Three

  • Party! / Ouch – Clark and Jason conversation not too friendly. Again, spillover from Jason being fired – and I guess they think it was Clark when it was actually Lex
  • And now it’s the Craft / I mean, right away, Clark at least should sense that something is wrong. This is like the 5th time either one of the girls has been possessed or altered. 
  • And now the Party is decadence / Tom Welling being overly silly as he dances with Lana and Chloe / 
  • So what is Lana/Isobel’s point in all this? I know the one girl said they should celebrate, but what’s their ultimate goal to the stones?
  • Clark stops Lex from playing / fingers bloody. Yikes. Creepy. / I mean, Lex saw Clark push the piano away
  • Lana and Jason – ah okay. She explains it. One last fling before starting her new quest
  • Look how Jason is so calm with seeing Lana possessed. Definitely feels like he’s no stranger to odd things
  • Jason again injured / all these incantations and finger movements / I guess this was released after the third Harry Potter movie
  • Witches vs Clark / these effects don’t hold up / nice to see that Clark is injured since this is magic
  • They drain his power – looks like it flies out of the barn?
  • Wow – listen to that music. So grand.

Act Four

  • How is Isobel not making the connection between Clark and the stones? / Oh okay – now they are 
  • This is a creepy episode considering the future of Allison Mack
  • Isobel and Clark kiss / always kissing while under the sway of another / she learns of the caves. But didn’t she say earlier that they have their hosts’ memories? So wouldn’t she know of the caves already since Lana has been down there?
  • Jason rescues Clark. There’s a brief moment where it looks like he’s surprised that Clark is injured. 
  • Yes, of course she’s possessed, Clark. What else did you think?
  • So ultimately she’s no different than say Lex – she learned of the stones and just wants to use them for power. It’s not like she’s some Kryptonian witch or anything, thankfully
  • Now the Trio are in that room with the stones of power table
  • How’d Clark get there so fast without his powers? Since they zapped there?
  • Wait. His powers went into the stone and now go back into him? And then he zaps the book and Lana’s symbol goes away? I dunno – there’s no real sensible explanation here

Act Five

  • Now everyone is in the caves. Has Chloe been down here yet? I forget. Lana and Lois have
  • “You haven’t been yourself lately” – how many times has he said that before
  • Oh hey the Kents! Clark gets busted
  • “It was magic” haha. They don’t believe him / until he says that it can hurt him. Wait – wasn’t Mikaal last episode also magic? I guess they wanted to make it definite here
  • Lex comes to see Lana / “we all owe Clark our gratitude” – again and again.
  • Lex tells Lana he got Jason fired / “What are you doing, Lex?” – yea really. This is going down that path. You can see Michael is playing it with a hint of longing and feelings.
  • Lana and Clark. / “possessed by an evil slut” Yikes. Not a good line. You can almost see that Kristin isn’t happy having to say it
  • Lana doesn’t want to keep secrets / oh wait – she still has the tattoo? 
  • Yea of course you saw it Clark. We all just saw in a few scenes ago! 
  • Lana is sharing her secrets and yet again she can sense that Clark is holding something back from her / “Be Strangers” song
  • And then Lex is in the caves and looking at the same symbol
  • Ehn. Back in 2004 this was probably a fun episode. But years later it’s just fine. Bringing back Lois just because they need a trio of witches, but really she’s not used for much more than that. At least it addresses the Isobel stuff and now we only have to worry about the tattoo I guess?  
  • Rating: 3.5 – 4


Next episode: Bound!


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