The Daily Smallville 04:03 Facade


04:03: FACADE


  • whoa flashback to Freshman year! Whitney. The necklace. Every time a Smallville wiki says it’s the last time we see these things, we see them again!
  • Scabby Abbie / Abigail Fine played by Brianna Lynn Brown
  • Cut to present day. It’s senior year. Her mom is Dr. Fine. As in Milton “Brainiac” Fine?
  • Kryptonite plastic surgery / This is Weapon X level

Act One 

  • writer Holly Harold / director Pat Williams
  • Clark still with dreams of playing football / Metropolis University Meteors. Of course.
  • Football toss through tire swing. Like man of steel. Like S&L
  • Geek. Outsider. Small chat about how Clark sees himself. 
  • Lois thinks she’s leaving to start college. Yup Lois is a year ahead. / Sam: “You start Smallville High.” She didn’t pass her last semester. Back to high school. Great reaction from both Lois and Clark
  • Chloe wants Lois to write for the Torch. Lois: “The last thing I want to be is a reporter” / and yet the first two eps she was basically doing exactly that
  • Abby returns / talks to Clark about this being their last year and wanting to do the things others are doing. Just like Clark and wanting to play football
  • “It’s all a facade.” Title!
  • Jason Teague the new assistant coach. Again. Lana. Has. A. Type. 
  • Clark meets Jason. You can almost see that he possibly already knows who Clark is
  • Jason used to play for M.U. Still in college. Just how old is he? Again she’s into older guys. 
  • Clark wants to try out for the team. Uh oh third wheel

Act Two

  • Ma managing the Talon? Too many hospital bills from Pa’s time in his coma. “I need something of my own”. Annette O’Toole talked about pushing for more to do / she’s worked for Lionel, now she’ll work with Lex
  • Jason: “When it comes to defying Fathers, I’m a pro” – I wonder if that means anything later
  • Jason: “Because they want people to look at them differently. If you want to change you have to do it yourself” Look at Jason being cool and smart. 
  • “Hey baby do you have hamburger for that steak” – what?! haha
  • Clark and Abby parallel 
  • Funny watching Clark play and watching S&L with Jordan 
  • Uh oh. KMOTW. Rogue? Phobia?
  • This guy is a horrible actor
  • Lois does a Michael Scott and runs Brett over 

Act Three

  • Lois gets wrapped up in her first weird high school case. Clark being the investigator. 
  • Lana and ancient writings books. As if Lex has no idea why / I miss Lex’s Indiana Jones globe trotting adventures from ep 1
  • That was an odd quick scene with Lana and Lex. 
  • Pa not happy about Clark joining the team / this is a bit of a call back to the same conversation they had in a previous season but this time Clark sticks up for himself. “I want my own life” – again, thinking about this in relation to a grown up Clark talking to his twin sons in S&L. Cool parallels
  • Dr. Fine. Wants to go after Lana now because she saw Brett and Abby talking
  • Father and sons / mothers and daughters. 
  • Jason asks Lana about Clark. Of course he does.
  • Lana nervous about being blindfolded. Rightfully so. Nothing good happens this way. 
  • Never trust a blonde girl with brown eyes
  • Abby kisses Lana and she freaks out; That was terrible. Weird editing. Strange empty feelings to the sounds. She couldn’t escape the mirror. Yikes. / and now Lana is hurt three episodes into Season 4

Act Four

  • Lana in the hospital for the hundredth time
  • Lex and Jason meet. You can see Jason is interested in meeting Lex. Just as Lex can see Jason and Lana are together. 
  • Marion. Teague. Weismann. Jason’s father’s law firm. 
  • Lex almost seems like he feels that someone has jumped the line to Lana. Both these characters are way older for Lana. 
  • Oooop. And now Lois becomes the new torture queen / writing her article pointed her to Abby’s mom / why isn’t Clark bringing up Abby’s necklace to make the connections? Bad writing 
  • Lois almost under the needle.
  • The action in this scene is filmed terribly. Not a fan of the choices made in this episode. Feels incredibly amateur. / That last kick. So fake. 

Act Five

  • So what was the surprise Jason needed to leave the room for??
  • “You’re a senior in high school and from now on you’re going to be making a lot your own decisions” – almost like they are setting things up for a time when Pa isn’t here anymore
  • Football. America!
  • Lois writes her first article / “Welcome to the bullpen miss lane”
  • Why does this season have such awful ADR?!
  • This ending. Makes up for a less than stellar episode. So good. You can see why Clark and Lois are meant to be. Because they just are themselves with each other. She’s not afraid to invade his space. He sasses her right back. And those smiles. No one made him smile like that 
  • Hound dog Chloe. Give it up Chloe. It’s not going to happen. 
  • “So much for my happy ending.” Great lyric to end on
  • A fine episode. Nothing all that forward moving. But it puts Lois on a journey and moves Jason more into the lives of the others in Smallville. / Still no followup to what Jor-El did to Clark. 


Next episode: Devoted!


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