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04:02: GONE


  • Clark and Lois on a case for the first time; I think this takes place right after the end of last ep?
  • Clark vs the soldiers – wouldn’t this arouse suspicions in how strong he is? / throwing people again, Clark’s favorite pastime
  • The helicopter is basically strafing Lois. That’s not safe
  • Lois is a fighter
  • Michael Ironside. Cigar chewing Sam Lane! Darkseid!

Act One 

  • writers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders / director James Marshall
  • Funny shower scene. But Clark is only 17. How old is Lois supposed to be? She seems older. Yikes. / Clark does reference the last time he got caught in his room with Alicia Baker who could teleport
  • I do like how the two are at odds. Different relationship tone than with Lana or Chloe
  • The tattoo is cave related. Of course. Bleh. / Not sure what would tip Lana off to even look at photos of the caves unless it’s just because they have symbols. Bit of stretch here. 
  • Kents not happy about Clark and Lois, especially after learning he went to see Chloe’s destroyed safehouse / Pa right back to his stern father role
  • “You’ll never have another moment’s peace.” Lionel Vs Lex this season? I’m sure Lionel has threatened Lex before but this time seems super direct
  • Lana back in Smallville. And she goes to see Lex first? / she felt like something was calling her home
  • Oh yea. Clark was missing for three months too. How did they explain that? / Lana said Funny, I didn’t ask about Clark / there’s some undercurrents here in this conversation

Act Two

  • that James Marshall tombstone: “Died of Inflexibility” Ha!
  • Lois getting dirty again / No Chloe in the coffin 
  • Terminator 2.0? Lane employing metas? / Lana to the rescue
  • So Lois does know that the troops in the helicopter were from her dad. “The Boss” / so why did she hide that from Clark? 
  • Lana meets Lois! Love the music chimes when they shake hands. Like destiny in the wind. 
  • Lana wants to help with finding Chloe; Lois can see right away the tension between Lana and Clark even though she’s surprised that they even had a thing. Ha. 
  • Luthor Corps paid for Chloe’s funeral / again, Lois doing research and asking the right questions. A born reporter
  • You can tell by the music score this is meant to be a lighter episode. Playful. Doesn’t speak to the strengths of director Marshall. He’s better with action.
  • “Hi, Daddy”

Act Three

  • Sam’s a 3 star general; he calls her Lo
  • Pa Kent is very respectful towards a general he doesn’t know
  • There’s some terrible adr dubbing in this ep
  • Lex obsessing about the airplane heist by Clark just as he did with his Porsche; another unexplained event 
  • Clark comes to Lex. Strained relationship. There’s a cigar in the ashtray. Sam was there / you can see Clark knows Lex is hiding something
  • Uh oh. Classical music at the prison. That’s never good. And then Lionel is stabbed in the showers. Wtf?
  • Picture of Lois’ mom? She’s blonde. That’ll change / She died when she was 6 from cigarettes. 
  • Clark does the super speed from Lois for the first time 
  • Evidence that Chloe is still alive. And someone almost got to her? And of course Lex shows up / why didn’t Clark immediately go after whoever went out the back door? 

Act Four

  • Ah. Trent the Terminator working with Lionel to go after Chloe so she can’t testify against Lionel. Lionel found him at Belle Reeve. (Reeve not Reve)
  • Lex lied. He knew she was alive all this time. Saved her from the explosion and was working with Sam since he can’t trust the FBI. In a way, Lex is responsible for Clark and Lois meeting.
  • And then Clark speeds off from Lex – who by this point should be used to it and should know why
  • And Chloe is back. Trussed up and slightly bruised already and we just got this season started
  • So did Trent tie her up? Why not just kill her right away?
  • How does Chloe not see Clark toss terminator even if she’s falling to the floor?
  • Lois and Clark take down the meta
  • Lois: “Chloe always said this town was weird” / I guess that’s a good enough reason as to why Lois doesn’t seem fazed by a KMOTW 
  • Terrible dubbing!!!

Act Five

  • Lionel guilty! Daily Planet article by Perry White
  • Lex has control of Luthor Corps now / Look how the Kents are defending Lex to Clark
  • “I think it’s Lex”. This is an odd switch considering in Talisman how the Kents were the ones that said it could be Lex and Clark wasn’t ready to accept that. I guess a lot has happened since then
  • Lana and Clark in the caves / of course she doesn’t tell him about her tattoo and the cave markings matching
  • And now Lana can see something in Clark and Lois. / Clark: “She’s bossy. Stuck up. Rude. I can’t stand her.” Lana: “The best ones always start that way.” Wow. That actually got me. Probably the one honest bit of dialogue this writing pair has written. 
  • So who stabbed Lionel? Was it because of Lex? 
  • Lana renting out the Talon apartment / Jason comes to Smallville. Uh oh. “I didn’t come here to get you. I came here to be with you” / Again – considering what we will eventually learn about Jason, this moment won’t be so romantic in hindsight
  • “She will be loved” Maroon 5 ending 


Next episode: Facade!


2 thoughts on “The Daily Smallville 04:02 Gone

  1. I got question about Act 2: and tombstone reference, I unfortunately don’t get it, do you know what writers meant by that?

    1. The James Marshall tombstone: “Died of Inflexibility” – James Marshall was one of the better directors on the series. I imagine whoever created the tombstones (props) probably put that in as a joke. Maybe they meant that James was demanding as a director?

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