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03:18: TRUTH


  • Chloe trying to source out why her dad can’t get a job
  • Jack Cole – that’s Plastic Man’s creator
  • Kryptonite gas / did they just do an Incredible Hulk tv show homage? / sector 1978
  • This chase sequence was weak 

Act One

  • Kryptonite corona! / Chloe the truth virus
  • Writer Drew Z. Greenberg / Director James Marshall 
  • Metropolis is six hours away??
  • Lionel has bruises from last episode’s fight
  • Lionel and Lex – when it’s about Clark or an outside situation they play differently against each other than if it’s about themselves. The chess match back and forth between themselves has been fun but is starting to get thin considering they have way too much info between them to NOT work together. I know that’s the point, it’s just completely a writer thing at this point to keep them apart. 
  • Weird cut to wrap up this act. Lex tearing off the FBI wire. More a reminder for the viewers. Not like Lex really got anything about Lionel in that scene 

Act Two

  • Martha: “He won’t be the man I married” / almost spilled the beans about Jor-El
  • Kryptonite molecules don’t affect Clark?
  • Come on Clark. That’s three times. Put it together. Okay good. 
  • “hard to make yourself scarce in Smallville” As Lana looks at a brochure for Paris
  • Some of these scene cuts are awkward. Marshall is usually a better director although the script feels surfacey as well. 
  • “Mrs. Taylor doesn’t exist.” Whoa. Creepy. Truth coming out. 
  • Ew. There she is again. The Chloe I don’t like. That smirk. She’s just about getting off on Mrs. Taylor’s revelations. And then prints it in the paper as well. She’s not a journalist. This is tabloid muckracking. 
  • Chloe is awful. Reveling in her abilities. Flaunting it. Saying this is every reporter’s dream. She hasn’t learned anything. And now going after Clark’s truths. Again. 
  • How is Clark still friends with her?? It’s like the writers don’t show any reason why they stay friends outside of needing her to be a snoop. Yuck. 

Act Three

  • Levitas – sounds like Veritas
  • Lex and Clark back to their guarded dialogue. 
  • Lana wants to go to the Paris School of the Arts / “I’m not sure where I fit in”
  • Lana to Chloe: “because I couldn’t trust you”. You wanted the truth Chloe – there you go. And then Chloe storms out. AS IF THIS ALL WASN’T HER FAULT TO BEGIN WITH!
  • No lie. How did anyone like this character for ten seasons??
  • Lex reveals that Lionel was the one that fired her dad. This is from 03:10 Whisper. I already talked about how this is all bad writing. Chloe had a scene with Lionel in that episode where he threatens her dad’s job to her face. But then she believes Lex did it. And now she learns the truth. She’s not much of a reporter if she couldn’t recognize that it pointed back to Lionel. Bad follow through on the writer’s part here. 
  • Here come the side effects 
  • Lex: “I want him to love me”. We knew that. You can see it every time he looks at the Kents. But it may be the first time he’s admitting it to himself from his reaction. 
  • Chloe is really asking why people don’t want to be around her????? She can’t be serious? Someone fix this girl!!
  • Pete admitting his love for Chloe. Funny scene. 

Act Four

  • I think we saw once before that Pete had feelings. Can’t remember. 
  • Jonah Doyle
  • Haha. Here comes Lionel! Chloe records his confession about killing his parents on her voice mail. Not very secure
  • “Where does Clark Kent come from?” When you add up that Lionel was the one that secured Clark’s adoption papers for the Kents, after the meteor storm, it continues to makes sense that Lionel would be after Clark’s truth. And that all signs point to the Kents.
  • It took until the 4th act for this episode to be of value 
  • “It was never tested” That’s a big needle. 
  • No mention of Kryptonite/meteor rocks yet
  • Why isn’t she driving her little bug or whatever?
  • Chloe trying to act like she is the victim. Because Clark never tells her the truth. Yea because you can’t be trusted!!
  • The bridge!!! Coughlin Bridge. That poor bridge always getting wrecked. 
  • Clark just standing there listening. He’s like “ehn. Maybe I won’t save her this time”. 

Act Five

  • It’s always weird to see Clark struggle with his strength. 
  • Just randomly shooting her up. Who knows what’s going on with her physically with all the stuff that’s happened to her so far in this entire series. 
  • Lionel to Lex: “What is it you want from me?”
  • “I was going to ask your parents all the questions you couldn’t answer.” / “You weren’t yourself.” YES SHE WAS! CLARK – stop trying to defend this. Ugh. So many of the KMOTW in the past felt like the meteor rock just brought out what was the worst in them. No way this isn’t what Chloe is at her core. 
  • Lana’s leaving. Just like she talked about in the beginning of this season.
  • Of course Lionel erased the voice message confession 
  • this could’ve been a better episode. But it just showcases how awful a character Chloe is. And how the writers like to sometimes manipulate character personalities to fit a story instead of building on what came before. It turns around in the last two acts but not enough to save it overall. 


Next episode: Memoria!


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