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03:17: LEGACY


  • Jonathan now hearing that Kryptonian sound 
  • Somebody took a tumble down the roof. 
  • “Dammit Kal-El.” Ooo. 
  • The key to the ship is back. What’s Clark going to do with it?
  • This scene is right after last ep. Lionel still contemplating the gun. It’s like the first time we see that even Lionel has demons. 
  • Lionel almost catches Clark opening up a portal in the cave. Lionel got there fast for being in Metropolis. 
  • “Solve the mysteries of the universe”
  • What was the portal going to do? Clark said he would take on any promises Jonathan made. Was Jor-El going to take him? 
  • Clark and Lionel have a discussion about father and sons. “See him so weak” Lionel talking about himself here. 
  • “After all. You only get one”. Oh really? Clark has two fathers!
  • Did the wall change again?
  • Clark speeding away with Lionel right there. That’s not good. 

Act One

  • writer Jeph Loeb / director Greg Beeman
  • Lionel back on the hunt for the secrets of the cave. Trying to get Lex involved again. 
  • Great scene here. Lionel is connecting all the dots. Clark discovering the caves, the symbol on the barn, etc. And there seems to be an urgency to bring Lex into this. 
  • I was going to comment that Lex was being distant about all this – until the reveal that he’s got a wire on him
  • At this point the FBI should be after Clark too. 
  • Are they set up near the site of Lex’s car crash?
  • Jonathan to Jor-El: “You said there’d be more time”
  • Jonathan feeling his mortality. Reevaluating his choices. 
  • John Schneider is around 44 at this time. Younger than I am now. 
  • More Clark/Lana subtext dialogue. It’s boring by now. 
  • The FBI know that Clark knows Virgil Swann. And now Lex does as well. 
  • Lionel and Virgil. Superman and a Luthor. Very compelling and well acted scene. Look at how subdued Lionel is. Either to show respect to Swann the scientist or Reeve the actor. 
  • Virgil can tell Lionel is dying. Lionel knows the caves can help him.  
  • This episode is worth it for this scene alone. Even if it looks like they aren’t in the same space together. Stand ins? We don’t get a shot with both of their faces in the same frame. Although there is promotional material with them both.
  • They are going to strike a deal
  • So much of this swirls around Clark. Virgil knows. Lionel knows a lot. The key. The cave. And talk about what they both are going after and why.

Act Two

  • Lionel back in the caves. Clark confronts Lionel with the knowledge that he had Chloe spying. Lionel doesn’t even blink. 
  • “I’m much closer than you think” Lionel is just a well of secrets 
  • FBI raid the Kents! Pa’s worst nightmare. Altho he’s gone awol. 
  • This has to put the Kents or Clark on so many radars. How do they get out of this?
  • Nooo don’t kiss! 
  • Lana: “I wasn’t talking about us.” Yes you were. Because that’s how the writers always write dialogue between Lana and Clark. Layered so that if they are talking about other people or things, they really are talking about themselves. And again – it’s monotonous.

Act Three

  • This sounds like “the son becomes the father and the father the son” thinking but from Jonathan. 
  • “Dukin’ it out”
  • “I don’t know how to protect you anymore” / “your job is to teach me how to protect myself”
  • Lana confiding in Lex. She doesn’t really have anyone. No aunt. Can’t talk to Chloe about Clark. Odd how she’s just on her own and she’s probably only 16-17
  • Lex getting way too close to Lana here
  • Ha. Jonathan had the key all along. 

Act Four

  • Lex and Germans. Clark telling Lex about the search. Lex in the middle here and hiding what he knows. 
  • Secrets everywhere 
  • So it wasn’t the FBI? It was Lionel. 
  • “2 billionaires interested in you and the caves.” Lex trying to get Clark to open up. Again – while Lex doesn’t have as much info as his father, between his memory loss and what he does know, he should be more invested in Clark opening up. 
  • Clark and Virgil again. Even Virgil talking about Clark’s destiny and if he’s ready or not. Just like Jor-El.
  • “Humanity is not only about biology”
  • This ep is like a melting pot of every part of the new Smallville mythos for Clark’s origins: The caves. Swann. Jor-El. The deal. The messages in the ship. All the lines converging here. 
  • And now another message? Come on. 
  • “I am waiting.” A message that originated on earth. That it wasn’t meant for Clark. Whaaaaat? The only things on Earth are the ship, the Key, the caves. So it’s for Jonathan? 

Act Five

  • uh oh. Jonathan and Lionel round one. 
  • Lionel: “There exists in this world some things that are too valuable to be the sole possession of any one person”. Oddly enough that’s a sentiment you hear a lot from Lois when she’s trying to balance her time with Clark and Superman and the rest of the world.
  • Pa just confirmed everything about Clark to Lionel with this confrontation
  • Fight! With stunt doubles yes but also clearly between these two actors. Love this. Another hand to hand fight this season but not involving Clark. 
  • Oh damn. Pa was gonna SNAP LIONEL’S NECK?! “It’s the only way I know you’re safe” he says to Clark. I guess people will irrationally hate Smallville now too. Even if it was a choke hold he was doing it to end Lionel. Wow. 
  • The key goes back in the wall
  • Lionel learning that Pa had it. The fight. Clark. All of it. There is no hesitation anymore. Lionel has to 100% believe Clark is more than just human. We already know the metal of the key is alien. Lex “saw” the ship while he was “blind”. The symbols. Etc. 
  • Careful Lana. Lex isn’t on Clark’s best friend list right now. 
  • Another line in the sand between Clark and Lana, two people that weren’t really together and won’t be either. Hopefully this is for the last time. Although this is a throwback to earlier in the season where Lana talked about leaving Smallville.
  • Clark saying it out in the open: that Pa’s actions go against everything Pa usually warns Clark against.
  • What is Jor-El waiting for? Pa’s death? Clearing the way for Jor-El to take over raising Clark the rest of the way? 
  • “Now we’re both in Lionel’s sights”
  • Wait. How the eff did Virgil get the key?!? Does Jonathan know or is he just assuming?
  • This was a good episode. Trying to make sense of every new aspect of Smallville origin mythos can’t be easy. Probably good that Loeb wrote the episode. And we are at a new marker on the journey all about fathers and sons. Criss crossing. Lionel and Jonathan can’t come back from this. Or Lex and Clark. 


Next episode: Truth!


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