The Daily Smallville 01:19 Crush


01:19 CRUSH


  • it’s like the origin of Doctor Strange here. Crushed hands and all.
  • Justin. And Dr Wells?! Before there was a Wells in the Flash.
  • Oh damn. That was gruesome. Bye bye hands.
  • Adam Brody before the OC. Also plays the adult Captain Marvel Jr. superhero in the Shazam! movie

Act One

  • uh oh. Important ep? Philip Levens, Gough & Millar as writers. James Marshall Director
  • career day. Clark is told: “I see you in the uniform flying.”
  • Mayor Siegel
  • Metropolis Police with the S shield design
  • Daily Planet booth complete with a small version of the globe
  • Chloe: “Whenever Lex or Lana are around it’s like the rest of us don’t exist” / “You’re from some distant Galaxy that I’ve never even heard of”
  • Even Pete has to explain that Chloe likes him. But Clark already knows that? Maybe he doesn’t know to what level.
  • Justin was a cartoonist for the Torch
  • Lillian Luthor grave. 1951-1993. / who is Pamela? Don’t remember her.
  • At this point Clark should just immediately suspect a guy who has news clippings of someone’s death
  • Clark and Lana talking about Chloe. Clark thinks they could be more than friends. Really? / Lana seems jealous / says “sometimes the right person can be right in front of your eyes and you never even know it” / they are lying to each other!!
  • Wait – now he can control pencils?? KMOTW! Tellus? Kinetix? Hmmm.

Act Two

  • I mean, he’s not wrong Clark.
  • Pamela Jenkins was Lex’s caretaker while his mom was sick.
  • Look at Whitney being nice to Clark / just when Lana is probably thinking she should get out
  • Another Clark/Lana scene. No wonder this is written by the creators. Pushing Clark and Lana potential hard

Act Three

  • come on Chloe. He said he has a crush. Run!
  • Telekinesis
  • Uh oh. Kwan’s son is in trouble
  • Savior complex! Clark’s characterization called out by Chloe
  • Is this meteor related at all somehow?
  • Oh damn. Dead principal?? Buffy used to go through principals too

Act Four

  • nooooo. Not men are from Mars women are from Venus book. Noooo.
  • What settlement Lex?
  • Lionel wants to sell Cadmus. Is that why it doesn’t play that big of a part in the show? I can’t remember
  • Yup. The son did it.
  • And Yup. Chloe finds Justin’s death comic. Weird how his art style constantly changes
  • Okay. This is more like Carrie

Act Five

  • another fall for Chloe where she gets hurt. Horseshoe to the head! Damn! Why is he so evil?? Where is this coming from?
  • Another object destroyed on Clark. The 4th or 5th time?
  • At this point in his career, Clark is all about throwing his victims rather than punching
  • Yet another loose end with Justin who is put in a psych ward. Lots of these season 1 KMOTW could come back to cause Clark trouble later.
  • Pamela is dying. Lex said he only loved her and his mom. More secrets revealed to put a wedge between Lex and Lionel? Even in this early episode it’s clear that Pamela and Lionel had a thing. More to come in later seasons.
  • Clark and Chloe make a date! And Lana isn’t happy.
  • Uh oh. Whitney’s dad died. Just when Lana was going to break up.
  • Smallville funeral #1! Rain. Time after time music. This becomes a Smallville staple. Kinda sad actually.
  • Clark standing by an angel statue in the rain as Lana looks on. Just like the scene from the Pilot. Chloe sees it too. The Clark/Lana coupling put on hold again. The love triangle continues.
  • Crush. Chloe’s crush on Clark. Lana’s crush on Clark. What Justin does to his victims.


Next episode: Obscura!


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