The Daily Rios 362: Timeline Tuesday: Oct

Timeline Tuesday returns taking a look at October comic book anniversaries from ten, twenty-five, fifty and seventy-five years ago! Great Hera! (37:28)

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  1. Ach! Been meaning to chime in on this episode, Peter, since it dropped. But…

    Anyway. I just wanted to confirm what you stated on the podcast, that Harbinger was the first original concept in the Valiant Universe. I was onboard, from day one, with Magnus and then Solar, and I continued with almost all of their titles up through the Unity event. Shortly thereafter, Jim Shooter was dismissed from the company (I don’t remember the details, but I do remember being fully aware this had happened), and at that point, the books lost some of their luster. I cannot say whether the Shooter ouster had anything to do with it (I never believed so), but I do remember the books feeling and reading very differently to me, once Shooter was gone–almost like that shift that occurred with season 5 of the West Wing, after Aaron Sorkin had left. Those were some of my favorite books, at the time.

    Another thing that always stayed with me, from that company at that time, was an editorial from Shooter, most likely leading up to Harbinger. He was touting David Lapham–who did some of his earliest art on Harbinger and Shadowman and other Valiant titles–as a great new “find.” He even compared him to Frank Miller, and to an editorial he apparently wrote about this “great new kid” coming up through the Marvel ranks. Shooter predicted Lapham would be as big as Miller. Well, that didn’t happen, but I always found it interesting that just a few years after this, both Lapham and Miller would be creating their own black-and-white crime comics, and both of them would be amazing.

    Think I might have to dig out my Valiant books and do a proper re-read, at some point. Thanks!


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