The Daily Rios 356: Batman Day!

A Batman Day! episode featuring favorite Batman-centric comics that will never leave the collection! (29:57)

A collage of covers!
A collage of covers!

A 4×4 collection of images from the Batman comics talked about in this episode:

Middle Square: Batman 400
Top Row: Batman 366, 367, 368
Second Row: Detective Comics 533, Batman Special 1
Third Row: Detective Comics 572, 574
Bottom Row: Batman 408, 414, 416, Annual 25

1 thought on “The Daily Rios 356: Batman Day!

  1. Loved this episode, Peter.

    It’s interesting. I had a healthy Batman collection, at one time, as well — started it around the time of the first Batman film, with Norm Breyfogle and Jim Aparo as the main artists on Detective and Batman, and I followed through to a point early in Kelley Jones’s run, along with a number of side titles, including Legends of the Dark Knight. I enjoyed the books well enough, and particularly the art of Breyfogle & Aparo, forever my Batman artists, but when I went through my divorce and purged a good portion of my collection, many of those books went into the dumpster (still makes my stomach turn to think of it, but it was a low point, personally).

    Some of the books I retained were #400, which had to be the first issue I bought. Plucked it right off the comic rack in my local bookstore, Mr. Paperback’s, and it has remained in the longboxes next to Superman #400 and Detective #572 (possibly my 3 favorite anniversary issues, all time). I also held onto many of my LOTDK issues because of the artists involved, including the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez story and ones drawn by Bart Sears, Gil Kane, Matt Wagner, and Tim Sale. Also in my collection were those LOTDK Halloween Specials, three books I re-read every few years, and a number of Elseworlds.

    Since then, I have the Grant Morrison Batman run, along with some of his Batman & Robin, and at the last CGS Super Show I took advantage of Wild Pig Comics’ crazy deals and added many of the Breyfogle & Aparo issues I threw away years ago. They are still just as fun to read, and beautiful to look at. Also managed to snag some Don Newton issues, and I found one there with art from Jim Starlin and P. Craig Russell, a Batman Family book, maybe.

    Funny. When I started writing this, I thought of myself in a similar situation as you. But it seems I’ve got a larger Batman collection than I thought. I think probably it has to do with the fact that I often compare it with my Superman collection (Supes & Bats being two prongs of the DC trinity), which I never got rid of.

    Anyway. Thanks again. Enjoying the return of the podcast and will be listening as long as you’re able to keep producing. Hope the new school year is going well.

    Take care,

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