5 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 344: Sign ‘☮’ the Times

  1. Peter:

    I totally agree with everything you had to say. As someone outside the Disney demo I’m totally unfamiliar with this actress. Nothing is “set in stone” and we should be open to all interpretations of the various heroes and villains.

    FYI: I thought you may be interested in this link:

    Kent State University and the Cleveland Public Library are having a symposium on Wonder Woman next month.

  2. Ugh. I’m so sick of the selfish cry-babies in comics fandom. This thing, and some tweets I’ve seen on Nick Spencer’s feed, and a misogynistic rant against a YouTuber I follow have me fed up with those kind of people.

    Regardless, you make great points as usual. And of course, I agree with you about Johnny Storm in the latest FF movie. In fact, that character was one of the best things about that film. I just don’t get why people feel like we have to stay “true” to the original concept and wail and spit venom when those tropes are “violated”. UGH!

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