1 thought on “The Daily Rios 316: TV Tuesday: Gotham S1

  1. Hi Peter: I tend to agree with you both on Agents of Shield and Gotham. I dropped off Shield in the middle of season 1 and tried to go back last year but I couldn’t pick it up again. The characters seemed overly bland and the action often seemed like something out of a mid 1980s standard cop drama. I may be in the minority but I think it was a mistake to make Coulson the lead. He’s good in very small doses but as the lead protagonist I find both the actor and character lacking.

    As for Gotham, I do have 1 area of unease and that’s the level of violence. I would feel uncomfortable letting any child under 12 watch it. The routine stabbings,shootings, and general mayhem seems more gratuitous than anything. I don’t have these same misgivings of either Flash or Arrow (which was pretty violent in its first season). I hope the producers find a way to include Bruce and Alfred into the main storylines more. Too often, they seem sealed off in their own subplots and isolated from the other characters.

    Thanks for a thoughtful commentary.

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