3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 301: Ultimate Superhero Movie List

  1. Peter: If you only watch 1 of the many Zorro movies listed be sure to check out the 1940 Tyrone Power version. He’s a charismatic actor and faces off against the dastardly Basil Rathbone. The 1920 Douglas Fairbanks version was often cited by Bob Kane as an early Batman inspiration. Zorro is headquartered in a cave and rides a black steed named Tornado (updated to the Batmobile).

    A couple of movies left off the list but worth mentioning;

    Dick Tracy (1990) Here’s some trivia Charlie Korsmo (Junior Tracy) is now a law professor at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University

    The Shadow (1994); This Alec Baldwin vehicle isn’t a classic but has a nice pulpy feel and boasts a strong supporting cast: Ian McKellan, Jonathan Winters, Tim Curry, Peter Boyle, and Penelope Ann Miller.

    The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941 serial) is the first-ever live action adaptation of a superhero in cinema history. For my money, it’s still the best of the old serials and does a still impressive job with the special effects despite a limited budget.

    The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934) I caught this one starring Leslie Howard on TCM recently. It’s an entertaining film.

    FYI: There is one film listed with which I have a tiny connection: Superman Returns. During its production I was asked to create an informational packet on Superman and Ma Kent for BGSU alum Eva Marie Saint. I did so and she took them to the set with her. Many of her scenes were removed from the final version of the film, however. In the original script Ma Kent tells the returned Clark she’s selling the farm, leaving Smallville, and has plans to marry her farming neighbor Ben Hubbard. That’s why actor James Karen is listed in the opening credits but doesn’t appear in the finished film. In the years since I’ve become good friends with Ms Saint and her husband director TV Jeff Hayden (who directed 2 episodes of the Adam West Batman series as well as episodes of The Incredible Hulk and Knight Rider).

    1. Chuck! Thank you for the recommendation. I remember you writing into CGS about the Superman Returns packet. That’s awesome.

  2. Yeah, that’s me. I am actually meeting with Ms. Saint later this year for the TCM cruise out of Miami. If you’re a movie fan you should consider that or the TCM film fest held in Hollywood every spring. I was at the film fest this year and saw Sophia Loren, Peter Fonda, Ann Margaret, Julie Andrews, and George Lazenby to name a few. Last year’s guests included a tribute to Jerry Lewis by Tarentino.

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