The Daily Rios 281: Timeline Tuesday

Taking a look back at ten, twenty-five and fifty years of July comicbook anniversaries! (17:10)

1 thought on “The Daily Rios 281: Timeline Tuesday

  1. Fun episode! You had me digging through the long boxes to read those silver age Animal Man stories again. His first appearance was very much in the style of any of DC’s sci-fi comics of the time. Something strange happens to some dude and by the end of the story, the problem is solved. So Buddy loses his powers and everything is all wrapped up. But four months later, the character returns (and drawn by Gil Kane!), Buddy regains his powers and by the end of the story he decides to use his powers to fight crime. This is the issue that also introduces the yellow-skinned aliens that Morrison would use in his run on the book. In issue #190, Buddy gets his costume and names himself A-Man, and by issue # 195, he’s named “Animal Man” on the cover and title page and gets a cool animal-themed logo. Within the story, he still goes by the name A-Man for the most part, although his friend Roger does call him Animal Man once. For his final silver-age appearance in #201, Buddy is a straight up super-hero complete with the Animal Man name. He’s catching bank robbers and fighting super gorillas. You don’t get much more DC super-heroey than that.

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