4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 273: What’s in my podcast queue

  1. Peter, thanks again, and I’m glad that I doing something that you find worth listening to, though, I still feel like I’m learning how to do this podcast of mine, even after 5 years!

    It was so nice to hear that you are listening to Mission Log. I finally starting listening to the show a few months ago (though I’d heard of it many, many months ago). I just listened to one of the Supplemental episodes featuring Marina Sirtis and that was a hoot! She is outspoken and a bit of fresh air when it comes to the insider baseballness about Trek.

    I’ve subscribed to a couple of the shows you mentioned (Geek Syndicate and I Read Comics, though the latter show seems to have podfaded)–now I have almost 40 podcasts in my subscription list! How will I have time record when I have so much to listen to?! 😉

    Here’s some podcasts I’ll recommend, mostly because I enjoy them so much, so hopefully you’ll like them too. Have you tried Serial? Replay All? Mystery Show? You’ll probably like the latter more than the previous two. Meanwhile in the Future is a What If? type show that mixes science fiction type tropes (what if we had a second moon or what if the Internet broke?) with scientists examining the possibilities. It’s also one of those new podcasts that you mentioned you wanted. Are you a Wil Wheaton fan? If so, his Radio Free Burrito is fun. As far as comics podcasts, I don’t have many recommendations. I enjoy the Nerdist Writer’s Panel, Comic edition episodes at times (no Chris Hardwick involved though!).

    Finally, I wanted to thank you for your past recommendations. I started listening to MJ, and I really enjoy her posts and episodes. Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of have a little crush on her, I think. 😀

    I know you made no promises, but I really do enjoy your episodes. They’re sort of like knowing that you’re getting a present but not knowing what exactly it is until the episode drops. I love the different topics and your persona. (The check’s in the mail, right? 😉

    1. Eric – like all good content creators, we’re always looking for new ways to push ourselves, learn more and “get better”. If someone doesn’t feel that way then they might as well stop creating. I can certainly tell when a podcaster thinks they have nothing left to learn. They become stale and static. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll def try out MITFuture.

      I’ve been holding off starting season two of Star Trek – trying to finish other shows as much as I can – but I’m looking forward to eventually getting to TNG with the Mission Log. Since that’s the era I know the most about.

      Thanks for all the feedback!

  2. Welcome back Peter! Thanks for the podcast episode. I have added several to my list, cant wait to get into them.

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