The Daily Rios 266: Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday returns! The New 52 reboot. TV Talk. Forum discussions. Quick thoughts on the news out of NYCC and more! (31:38)


EMXPodcast Episode 11.1:

Marvel Month by Month Podcast:

Milton Griepp’s State of the Comics Industry 2013:


1 thought on “The Daily Rios 266: Feedback Friday

  1. I found the NYCC announcements exciting across different publishers and Marvel Now with creators and characters I’m interested in especially compared to what I remember from San Diego announcements. As much as I don’t care that San Diego has more than comic announcements it was nice to see a lot of comic news come out of a comicon.

    Being a fan of What if? It’s kind of cool that the Ultimate universe was already a taste of a Marvel reboot and really the ultimate What if? since it’s been around for so long while keeping the regular universe chugging along as well.

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