The Daily Rios 12.07.12: Friday Follow-Up

A return to the To-Do list of topics! Discussing a favorite actor, reactions to the new Star Trek trailer, and digging out a long lost pitch to DC. (42:29)


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4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 12.07.12: Friday Follow-Up

  1. Yay! The series “Hex” finally gets some play! Thanks for that Peter! Hex, Stilletta, The Dogs Of Wars, Chain, and Future Batman need recognition!

    Great episode as usual. The Jack Nicholson speech was classic. Great choice. My favorite actor moment was actually John Candy in Planes Trains and Automobiles. I know weird choice right? Here’s my explanation. Candy is one of those actors who spent his time doing low brow comedy bits. In this movie it is more of the same until one key part in the film where Steve Martin, his unwilling travel partner berates him and really does a harsh job of tearing Candy’s character apart. Candy clearly showing uncharacteristic range delivers an emotional reply and is clearly hurt by what was said. You can almost feel the pain in his voice and instantly feel sorry for Johns character. Its not academy award material but something about t always gets to me. Weird choice I know but that movie needs to be seen.

    Anyways I am out!

  2. Loved the favorite actor segment! Exactly what I was thinking of. Made me want to watch Witches of Eastwick. Could you also describe what special talents these actors have and how they’re able to do what they do or is it just magic. Can it be learned or do they simply have talent that can’t be analyzed. I’m interested in your opinion since you are an actor and understand the acting process. What is Method Acting and are there other styles or philosophies of acting. I don’t think Nicholson is a Method Actor. Despite what one might think of Nicholson’s Joker, he worked his ass off in that film. Much appreciated.

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