4 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 11.15.12: More Marvel Now R’views

  1. Good episode Peter. I agree wholeheartedly about Iron Man. The art is beautiful..however if the Iron Man Suit was not in this book I never would have guessed it was an Iron Man title. No body looked as they should. Tony is drawn…not poorly just not anywhere close to what his look is meant to be.

    I am reading all Marvel Now title now as we speak and I think they are in no way capturing the excitement that DC did last year.

  2. It’s a slower build to be sure. But yea, the various sites/forums/etc that I check out aren’t covering it the way DC was being covered.

    The Iron Man book felt like looking at a JCPenny ad with models fake laughing while they are being photographed. Weird and bleh. haha.

  3. I think Wolverine & the X-Men has been the best X-Men title since the first issue. Fun, laugh out loud funny, and darkness bubbling under the surface.

    I’ve been reading Iron Man for years because of the stories. The first issue seemed to be establishing characters. Future issue should be more imaginative since Gillen is a good writer.
    Deadpool is on a watch list since I’ve heard enough good things. Maybe with the dead presidents they though it might get some of that Princess Diana back from the dead or Cloned famous people as teenagers doing questionable things on a cartoon Clone High hype/controversy?
    Great to hear your thoughts on Avengers Assemble & X-Men Legacy. I didn’t have much interest in checking those out but I can always go back if they turn out great.
    Fantastic Four was solid but it didn’t start with a bang. Like Iron Man it seemed to be establishing who and what everything is a bit. I guess that’s good for new readers. I just wonder about a bigger splash. Really need to read more than the first issue to see if the titles lives up to it’s potential.
    I had no interest in buying a $4 X-men comic by Bendis. I’ll read it on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited when it gets there.
    Thor seems to be the most well reviewed Marvel Now title so far but that doesn’t really surprise me since it’s by Jason Aaron who also writes the already mentioned Wolverine & the X-Men. He’s showing good range.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! I think overall, with the creative talents on these books (and certainly with the hype that preceded), they didn’t come roaring out of the gate across the board. I’m seeing more middle of the road feelings than absolute raves on forums/sites/etc. By no means do I think that means it’s a bad venture, it just might take a bit longer to ramp up. Unfortunately, I might be out by then.

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