The Daily Rios 09.14.12: Feedback Friday

Listeners send their thoughts on everything from education to DS9, asthma to Green Arrow, Dan Clowes to so much more! (27:26)

3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 09.14.12: Feedback Friday

  1. If I ever get my rear in gear and pull the podcast trigger, I would like to have you on there to talk education. I’m about to start up a teaching comic illustration courses this November and, tho I have taught before, I can admit that stepping into this new endeavor makes me a bit nervous. Partially because I want it to be successful. But, more so, I want this to really help students get to where they want to be. I really want to help someone find their way and avoid the pitfalls that I have had to deal with. Maybe that’s putting to much pressure on myself. But that’s the reason I’m teaching. To hear someone else have jitters about those same things, helps me tremendously.

  2. I had the *exact same reaction* to the Chris Hardwig/Scott Snyder interview. I seem to recall he said Snyder created Sandman(!) or something like that. Snyder had trouble keeping his composure. Whatever it was, The Nerdist had been poppping on my radar and I was tempted to check it out and then that interview…his credibility went :poof!:

    Oh, and, yeah, no rush on that circumcision rant!

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