2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 09.12.12: New Comics Wednesday

  1. I was thinking about your comment about Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters being to Green Arrow what The Dark Knight Returns was to Batman. I hear this comparison a lot, and while there are some similarities, and Dc was certainly positioning it in that way back then (especially considering it was in the prestige format) I think its not entirely accurate. The Dark Knight was out of continuity and very self contained. It was very much an ending to the character, and was also very much an examination of the icon. It’s broad and very exaggerated, cartoonish at times.

    Longbow hunters is similar in it shows and older version of the character, and it adds the grim and gritty aspect like the Dark Knight did. Its not an ending, but rather a new beginning, with a new fresh modern take, in a sense almost a blend of Dark Knight and Man of Steel, but without a reboot. It’s also far more grounded and real. It feels much more like a pivot for the character. Longbow Hunters did breathe new life into the character, but in a very different way than Dark Knight or Man of Steel or any number of reboots, restarts or reimaginings from that era like Flash or Wonder Woman. It’s almost an inverse to Justice League. The continuity and character are pretty much intact, just a big change in tone and direction. Where JL went light, Longbow hunters went dark.

    Anyway, thats just my take, Perhaps you said all this in your Raging Bullets discussion, i haven’t listened to it yet, but i hope to soon. Thanks for doing the show, it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts.

  2. Mike! Thanks for the well thought out comment! Not sure if you heard it, but I responded on Feedback Friday for 09.14.12.

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