The Daily Rios 08.31.12: Feedback Friday

Listener reactions to the week including Misfits, podcasts, reading comics from other decades and more! (17:55)


3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 08.31.12: Feedback Friday

  1. Peter, my good friend! Thanks for the shout out to Wicked Decent Learning!

    Yes, the podcast is on hiatus — though I have some thoughts, inspired by The Daily Rios and The Vlogbrothers, to bring that aspect back in a new format.

    Family life, professional life, and theater life dictate Wicked Decent Learning function as a blog for right now. We hope that we can stuff it full of content as the school year gets underway.

    Most importantly, however, I wanted to comment on your thoughts in your Back to School edition. I think you hit on the energy that unites every educator who has a passion for what he or she does, K through Grad School. We are terrified and thrilled and anxious and excited and want our students to feel the same, we second guess ourselves and carry too much confidence, we want to hurl and we want to huzzah, we want our students to have a taste of amazing and we want to make sure we set a reasonable bar to maintain.

    And I freakin’ love it.

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