The Daily Rios 08.21.12: TV Tuesday

Smallville! Legion of Super-Heroes! Star Trek! Batman the Animated Series! All long since completed but still great to discuss! (32:20)

3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 08.21.12: TV Tuesday

  1. Love Batman The Animated Series! Been watching the reruns on The Hub and all these years later, they’re still great. Recently started watching Justice League from the beginning and it’s interesting to see Batman’s design change from the big, bulky fighter of BTAS to the more athletic, lean figure of JL/JLU.

  2. Despite owning all the seasons of Smallville on DVD, I’ve yet to watch the series. I plan to address this oversight . . . eventually. But right now I’m on a Star Trek: Deep Space 9 kick. Of all the Trek Series I’ve seen (which is all of ’em, sans Enterprise), DS9 is, hands-down, my favorite of the bunch. It’s one of the few series that, for my money, got exponentially better as it progressed. I’m fairly certain the reason I find DS9 so appealing is on account of the way the series’ writers weaved a much broader story arc throughout an otherwise episodic series.

  3. Trevor! I responded on Feedback Friday for 09.14.12 – I dig DS9 for those same reasons. Looking forward to following the long story once I catch up (whenever that will be) in my great Star Trek watch.

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