3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 08.07.12: Timeline Tuesday: August

  1. Ah yes! The Thundercats comic run. Janet and I are huge fans of the resurgence books. They made sense of a lot of the weirdness of the 80’s cartoon and the art was always top notch. We own a good deal of the original art from this series. Love it! If you liked the show, give it a read in trades.

  2. I do believe Absolute Authority was the 1st Absolute. I don’t believe the Absolute name was intended to be a line name, but just the name of the volumes. Absolute as in “everything you need to enjoy the Authority”. Plus it had a nice ring and alliteration, and i suspect a play on absolute power corrupts absolutely. I recall picking it up off the shelf but deciding the price wasn’t worth it since i had the trades and there was very little extra material. If it hadnt been shrinkwrapped i may have changed my mind if i saw the art. Eventually i became and absolute junkie with 20 of the 33 volumes release so far and both of the unofficial volumes (JLA/Avengers and World’s Greatest Superheroes neither of which carry the Absolute name despite being the same size and format)

  3. Martheus – I’ll have to keep that in mind. I’m not the biggest Thundercats fan (always thought the animation was far superior to the actual plots/story) but i’m curious to see the art on the comics. Also curious to check out the new show at some point.

    Mike – thanks for the info! I included that in the Aug.10 Feedback Friday ep!

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