3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 08.03.12: Feedback Friday

  1. ok…strike #1 WordPress…the page shouldn’t have to reload for me to post my comment, thus making me start Pete’s show all over again!

    I’m with your gf on the SW/ST debate.

    ‘Grimm’ is really good, though the 1st season finale was a little weak.

    ‘Once Upon A Time’ started slow, but got a bit better as it went along, strong finale.

    ‘Fables’ is awesome! I have vol. 1-15…started buying single issues at #100 (still wanna keep getting the trades though, and probably stop buying single issues).

    ‘Daredevil’, artist changes aside, is probably the best hero book out right now. Love the simple, (semi)realistic style it’s utilizing.

    Not sure how I feel about the Marvel NOW thing just yet. I’m more of an “artist” over “writer” guy, for the most part, so I’ll only comment on the artists for now… I like Greg Land’s work, but I totally get why you (probably) don’t…and I also think he would be better used just as a cover artist. Ribic on Thor makes sense. Leinil Francis Yu on Hulk feels like a bit of a second chance for the ‘Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk’ debacle (also, I kinda wish Peter David was back on Hulk). I’m not a big Deadpool fan, so I’ll be skipping that one entirely regardless of creative gimmick…I mean team. (Also, it’s pronounced “poe-sane”, if I’m not mistaken.) Not a Mark Bagley fan (blasphemy, I know), so no Fantastic Four for me. JRJR on Cap is intriguing…but I feel like his art has been a bit lackluster as of late. Compare his run on Wolverine to his work in Avengers Vs. X-Men and I think you’ll agree. Though that could be due to the tight deadlines and such for AvX, so maybe he rushed a bit *shrugs*? Might check out Alred’s FF (or is it something different? “EXTENDED” is a pretty vague tease). I already lost track of the other stuff, like Bendis on this-or-that X-book.

    Ah…the New 52…I’m still super confused as to how it does or doesn’t tie-in to the pre-Flashpoint “continuity” :\ I gave up on a bunch of the books I’d started from this “reboot”, and there were a LOT of the titles that I didn’t even bother starting in the first place.

    Oh, Rob Liefeld…it takes a D-lister to know a D-lister. Honestly though, why the hell is this guy still given books to draw!? I kind of enjoyed the Deathstroke title from the New 52, but I just flipped through a recent issue since he’s now running it (writing AND “drawing”…not-quite-a-double threat!)…holy crap…it looked horrible! Lobo is in the issue and normally that’s a lock for me…not this time! He made Lobo look so NOT threatening, so NOT intimidating! And when the hell is he going to learn that flat, shiny pipes don’t make for good guns? (Sorry if that’s snarky…not really sorry, though.)

    I’m not a big fan of musicals (stage or cinema)…they’re just something I never got into. An old girlfriend of mine, her favorite movie was ‘My Fair Lady’, so she more or less forced me to watch it one time way back when and…I liked it! Granted, I probably liked it because I found the chauvinistic elements of Henry Higgins…but I still liked it! Even a few years after we’d broken up, we went to see the stage performance of it at the Walnut Theater…which was also very good, but my enjoyment level was taken down a few notches because I’m 6’4” and there’s still no theaters with seats made to accommodate men of my stature. ‘Across The Universe’ is really good, just a great interpretation of The Beatles’ classics (though, I don’t like the trippy circus sequence, ah well). I also love ‘Moulin Rouge’.

    For future reference…
    – Leonardo = Blue & Katanas
    – Raphael = Red & Sais
    – Michelangelo = Yellow & Nunchucks
    – Donatello = Purple & Bo Staff
    – Splinter = talking rat

    And that’s that.

  2. Well my favorite color is purple – and I worked with a bo staff in my college stage combat class – so clearly I need to be a Donatello fan. Haha.

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