2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 05.23.13: Comics Timeline: May

  1. You spurred some great memories with this one, sir.

    Firstly – Christopher Priest. I am working on remedying the fact that I have not read his Black Panther run, or the Crew for that matter, which was helped along nicely by Chris at Wild Pig Comics, where I got a bunch of those books during the Super Show. But I digress.

    Over at my tumblr I posted about the fact that, when he was going by his birth name Jim Owsley, Priest wrote one of the Spider-Man issues that I fondly remember from my days collecting back in the 80s. It revealed the secret identity of the Rose (it was Web of Spider-Man #30), and I don’t think it gets enough love, because it directly preceded the first part of “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” Which leads to this question: have you ever gone back to fondly remembered books and discovered they were written, or drawn, by a creator whom you’ve come to appreciate but never realized they wrote or drew “that book?” It’s things like the above that tend to prove the adage that skill wins out, in my mind, plus it’s cool to know you had some taste even when you were a pesky kid.

    Batman: the Cult. I really enjoyed this story and have read it a few times since first buying those four issues a quarter-century ago. I always relate the Cult with a succession of house ads in the DC comics I was reading in 1988 that led to me buying a series of prestige and baxter books that I still remember with great fondness – including V for Vendetta, the Cult, and the Killing Joke. I know there were others, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

    And finally, Grant Morrisons’ Animal Man. I distinctly remember the subscription ad in the back of DC books that announced this series, alongside the New Guardians series spinning out of Millennium. I’d never heard of Morrison. I don’t know that I’d heard of Animal Man. I had read the entirety of Millennium (crossovers and all). So, obviously, I cut the subscription ad out and sent away for New Guardians. Years later, those books have long since been purged and Morrison’s Animal Man run (the first trade, and the rest in single issues) is something I re-read every few years.


    1. Thanks, Chris! I responded to the “Have you ever gone back” question on the Feedback Friday episode for May 24th.

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