The Daily Rios 03.19.13: The Tower Episode Zero

By popular demand, the Tower returns! First up, a rebroadcast of the introductory Episode Zero! (44:27)


Footnotes on Donna Troy:

Long Box Review podcast:

Six String Bliss:


Titans Companions from TwoMorrows:

Titans Tower:


1 thought on “The Daily Rios 03.19.13: The Tower Episode Zero

  1. I remember buying New Teen Titans number 1 off the spinner rack at a convenience store. The cover always blew me away. I was a Batman fan for the first couple of years I collected comics and Batman and Robin were my favorite Heros. To see Robin leading his own team hooked me.

    I scanned that book cover to cover and for the first time art really made an impact on me. I didn’t know who drew that book but this was THE look I wanted for my comics. George Perez made this book and made these heros look amazing. I bought Teen titans when ever I could.

    I loved Cyborg as a kid, as I was hooked on robots and Sci Fi at the time and Perez killed it every time he drew him.

    Love the job you did on these episodes Pete and would love to see The Tower as a BiWeekly show on TDR.

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