2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 01.25.13

  1. Hey Peter,

    Loving these shows man. I had an idea. How about a weeks end “box Set Style” episode that collects the weeks episodes into one show with a new commentary at the end of the show discussing the feedback on all shows.(A smaller feedback Friday type of wrap up.) These are short enough to have a sweet one shot multi topic weekend show. Just a thought. Even a once a month type show with the best of the months shows.

    Either way thats just one mans greed. LOL. Loving the shows Peter keep bangin them out and Ill retweet everyone!



    1. Chris! I toyed with that idea when I first started the ‘cast, but decided it would be time costly. Also, back in my CGS days, I always felt that not every listener had to listen to every episode and I feel that way now too. I like the “pick and choose” quality of topics/content. Those that do listen to all? Awesome! Those that don’t? Chances are they’ll go back and listen to ones they missed if they have the time or if they are out of podcasts to listen to, or if it comes up in a future ep, etc.

      Also – instead of a weeks end edition, I should just get off my rump and start the Tower! Or all the other ‘casts I wanna do. Shame on me! 🙂

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