2 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 01.16.13: NCW & Best Of 2012 Day 12

  1. Finally someone said what needed to be said about Superior Spiderman #!. I was getting crazy looking at Tweets praising this book which is fine as I enjoyed it but that art is just not good. With such a buzz worthy debut you would have thought Marvel would have pulled out the big guns for this title. I think people need to be retweeted or replied to by Dan Slott on Twitter overrode their common sense. Thanks for saying what no one else had the guts to..that means you iFanboy.

  2. Haha. Thanks! I’ve known Stegman’s work for a long time. We were talking about him on CGS before anyone else during the days when Chuck used to visit. So this isn’t me bashing for bash sakes. There are things I liked, things I didn’t. Mostly, it didn’t work for me. We’ll see where it goes but I doubt I’ll stick with the book.

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