TDR Digest 10.07.23

The Daily Rios Digest for October 7th, 2023: Thoughts on Tick, Tick… Boom! Finishing up Injustice Year One. Comicbook Trivia for October. And more! (1:06:26)


(00:00) Movie Musical Monday: Tick, Tick… Boom!
(15:02) Timeline Trivia Tuesday: October 2023 part 1
(27:38) Comic Previews: for December
(37:21) The Daily Reads Thursday: Injustice part 1
(1:00:42) Smile!


Steeven Orr podcast editor



2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 10.07.23

  1. For the first time ever, I was 3 for 3 on the Timeline Trivia! I named my first car “Redbird” after Tim’s ride. Fortunately, my car was also red so the name made sense. 🙂

    I have never bought a facsimile edition of a comic thus far, but the new editions of Batman #404 through 407 will be my first. Batman: Year One was pivotal for me. I started acquiring comics at age 3 and never stopped. However, around age 11 or 12, I was considering caving in to societal pressure to leave comic books behind for more “grown-up” fare. I had been given a $20 bill to spend and I resolved to use it for either the hardcover edition of Batman: Year One or a set of the first seven issues of The Punisher that my local comics/used books/pipe tobacco shop was selling as a set. When I went to the shop, the Punisher set had been sold so I bought Batman: Year One. After reading it, I realized that comics were growing up with me and not a childish thing to be left behind. It didn’t matter to me what anyone else thought because I knew how mature the material could be. I still cherish that edition of Batman: Year One that I bought in 1987 and I purchased a special edition in 2005 with all sorts of extra features, but I don’t have the single issues. I’m excited to read the facsimile editions and imagine what it would have been like to discover this story within the monthly series.

    1. I was just shy of 14 when the first chapter of Year One hit the stands. I’m sure I realized it was the same writer/artist from Born Again earlier in that year – but really, I just knew this was something special. So I totally understand your reasonings to pick up the issues. I sold mine years ago (of course) but that story still has the echo of how great comics were in 86/87.

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