TDR Digest 07.25.21

The Daily Rios Digest for July 25th, 2021: Birds of Prey movie. Trivia. Ordinary Gods. Justice League Infinity. Sinister War. Listener feedback and more! (52:01)


(00:00) Movie Monday: Birds of Prey
(11:11) Trivia Tuesday
(25:21) New Comics Wednesday / Reviews of Ordinary Gods 1, Justice League Infinity 1, Sinister War 1
(37:54) Throwback Thursday: The Daily Rios ep 1
(44:00) Feedback Friday


DCOCD podcast

Team Up with Titus auction

Marvel+ podcast



2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 07.25.21

  1. Hi there, Peter! I am woefully behind in my podcast listening, so please excuse the slightly dated aspect to these comments. I have spent the last couple of weeks ramping up the activation of a correctional facility in Panama City so I didn’t get a chance to respond to your idea of Zoom Trivia. I think it is a fantastic idea! Listening to this episode reminded me of it and the examples stoked my brain even further! I love all kinds of trivia, but obviously comic related is really up the alley of all geeks like ourselves. It is so rare to have the opportunity sharpen those skills! Usually I only get to regale my family with nuggets of comic related trivia…mostly to give them the back story to a Marvel or DC comic related movie we just watched…but also to see if I can elicit an eye roll from my daughters 🙂

    Anyway, I love the idea, and have really been enjoying your episodes (and format) lately, even more than usual, which was a high bar to surpass! The interview with Kurt Mattila was great!

    We finished the job here in Panama City yesterday, so I head back to the Land of Lincoln today and hopefully get back to a normal routine. Lots of reading and watching to catch up on!

    Take care, Mike A.

    1. Mike! Wow! That all sounds like quite an adventure – I can certainly understand why you might get behind in any recreational events! Ha. Glad the trivia idea sounds fun – I’m open to keeping it generic or specific. For instance, an all-1990s or 1980s set of questions might appeal to long time readers.

      Glad the podcasts are entertaining to listen to as they are to create. I’m having fun for sure!

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