TDR Digest 05.13.23

The Daily Rios Digest for May 13th, 2023: The Inhumans arrive in Marvel Saga issue 23. Comicbook paper quality vs your environment. A Star Trek: Discovery… discovery. And more! (51:49)


(00:00) Marvel Saga Monday 23
(11:33) TV Tuesday: A Star Trek: Discovery… discovery!
(24:03) New Comics Wednesday
(31:02) Podcast Anniversaries & Recommendations
(42:09) Comic Collecting: Comic Paper vs Environment



1 thought on “TDR Digest 05.13.23

  1. Of course I’m here for the Star Trek analysis. This is an absolutely great symbolic analysis of the clues to the mirror universe being involved in season 1.

    We the viewers have really been having a ringside seat as the writers for Trek figure out how to write a season long arc. Picard especially struggled with this in season 1. But as much as I loved Disco, I feel that some of these hints were too obscure and many viewers that rejected the darkness in Disco would have stayed if they had more obvious hints of what was going on.

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