TDR Digest 01.23.22

The Daily Rios Digest for January 23rd, 2022: The Matrix Resurrections! Another Best Of category on New Creators! Back to school… again! And more! (35:24)


(00:00) Movie Monday: the Matrix Resurrections
(13:23) Best of 2021: New Creator
(22:34) New Comics Wednesday
(28:27) Super-Blog Team-Up: George Pérez
(31:35) Friday Wrap-up


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2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 01.23.22

  1. Happy to hear your Resurrection thoughts. I agree with you entirely. This is the sequel I was waiting for. The philosophy of 2-3 was so muddled that it distracted from their quality. I found the lack of subtext in Resurrections as a breath of fresh air.

    Have you seen Scream 5 yet? It has a lot to say about Requels (legacy sequels/reboots) and for me is the best requel made yet.

    1. Hi Ben! I haven’t seen the new Scream yet but I plan on it – especially knowing Melissa Barrera is in it! I did a rewatch of all the movies last year (I tried to watch the MTV series but never finished it) so I’m excited to finish it out.

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