TDR 528: Timeline Tuesday: October 2021

Timeline Tuesday with Julian Lytle and Mike Atchison celebrating 50 years of John Stewart/Green Lantern as well as 25 years of Batman the Long Halloween, the Superman Wedding Album and the end of the Spider-Man Clone Saga! Plus more! (1:37:50)


(00:00) Preamble
(05:03) Intros
(06:20) 50 Years Ago: John Stewart/Green Lantern
(49:08) 25 Years Ago: Batman the Long Halloween
(1:06:48) 25 Years Ago: Superman the Wedding Album
(1:23:32) 25 Years Ago: Spider-Man 75
(1:32:19) 10 Years Ago
(1:35:58) Wrap-up and Outro


Julian Lytle

Mike Atchison



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