TDR 473: Timeline Tuesday: May 2020

Timeline Tuesday returns with a look at comicbook anniversaries, first appearances and creator tidbits for May 2020 including the Heroic Age, Brightest Day, Sovereign 7 and more! (18:35)


(02:23) 10 years ago: May 2010 
(09:23) 25 years ago: May 1995
(14:18) 50 years ago: May 1970
(15:53) 75 years ago: May 1945

1 thought on “TDR 473: Timeline Tuesday: May 2020

  1. Peter!

    I always appreciate the podcast, especially these Timeline Tuesdays. I fear I have little to add, except that you spurred me to pull out my copies of Chiaroscuro. I’m looking forward to revisiting it. Thanks!


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