TDR 461: Comicbook Collector Resolutions

Hello, 2020! Kicking off the New Year with ten Comicbook Collector Resolutions! (11:50)

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4 thoughts on “TDR 461: Comicbook Collector Resolutions

  1. So glad you dropped this today! I have a stack of long boxes just delivered today that I have to fold up and fill. I’m embarrassed to say I am the “pile” guy. I’m gonna attempt at least half this list. Thanks again


    1. Bob! That sounds like a project! I enjoy reorganizing – but now that I have 30+ boxes, I try to limit that process to once or twice a year. Ha!

  2. Peter,

    Great list, sir. I’ve been trying to do some of these, especially reading old books I’ve had in my longboxes for years.

    One problem I’ve run into with this, in the past, would be that I would try to read an entire run or series straight through. I would eventually become burnt out, put the books back in the box, and they would continue to sit, unread. Specifically, this happened with NEXUS. I made it to issue 50, but I remember that final storyline leading up to that issue feeling like a chore. But recently, I’ve been in a terribly nostalgic mood — watching X-Files and NYPD Blue, listening to a lot of 80s music, and re-reading a lot of older books, like G.I. JOE & Peter David’s HULK run.

    So, I decided to add in some of the books I’ve not read — ATARI FORCE, BLUE DEVIL, BLUE BEETLE (Wein’s initial DC incarnation), among others. But, instead of reading a run or series straight through, I’ve pulled out a half dozen issues of a number of titles and intermingled an issue from each book (currently: DHP, ATARI FORCE, SUPREME (Moore), DAREDEVIL (Nocenti/JRJr), GRIMJACK, NEXUS, HULK, along with reading, in collection, Tom King’s BATMAN and Josh Williamson’ FLASH: a mix of re-reads and new-to-me reads) into each reading stack. This way, I’m pulling a new title off the to-read pile after completing an issue. And it’s been a really great approach. I’ve moved into the middle-50s of NEXUS (1st read) and am nearing the end of the Nocenti DD run (re-read), and each time a title cycles around, I find myself anxious to read it. It also allows for that brief time in between where you can mull over the previous issue before getting to the next one. I believe I am reading more because of this approach. Regardless, I have been reading some great comics.

    Looking forward to more TDR in the coming year, whenever you find the time. Thanks, as always. The podcast is an enjoyable listen, every time.

    Be well,

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