TDR 413: Metal Tie-ins Breakdown pt.1

The Breakdown of DC’s Dark Nights: Metal event changes focus to the first batch of tie-ins! Taking place between Metal issues 2 and 3, this episode covers the 4-part “Gotham Resistance” story, as well as the first three Dark Knights oneshots! (1:07:18)


(00:17) Intro
(02:50) “Gotham Resistance”
(34:02) Batman: Red Death
(47:00) Batman: Murder Machine
(55:09) Batman: Dawnbreaker


covers to “Gotham Resistance”


covers to the first three Dark Knights oneshots


Red Death homages are pulled from several Crisis… issues; Dawnbreaker’s origin could be inspired by the Batman: In Darkest Night Elseworlds oneshot from 1994


“Worlds will live, worlds will die…”; first pages of both Crisis #1 & Batman: Red Death #1. Love how the Earths are drawn in opposite directions.


Another homage, featuring Barry Allen, from Crisis #3. There’s that word “hope” again.


All of the possible Dark Knight Returns/Frank Miller homages in Batman: Red Death.


Batman takes Barry Allen into the Speed Force, in homage to Flash’s sacrifice in Crisis #8.

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